New Website for Volunteers

To help Living Future Network volunteers create quick and easy updates to their profile pages we released a microsite.

Advocacy Resources

A suite of resources to help volunteers advocate for sustainable policies in their jurisdiction. 

Living Community Challenge Resources

New methodologies and case studies for creating healthy neighborhoods using the Living Community Challenge framework.

New Collaborative Resource

We moved the Living Future Network pages to a microsite in order to make it easier for volunteers to update their local Collaborative profiles, promote events, and to help new volunteers find a network in their area. Now each Collaborative has access to the backend of the volunteer website and is empowered to use the online resource to help grow their network.

Advocacy Resources

In 2015, we focused our advocacy efforts into developing two new Living Future Congresses in California and on the East Coast. Members of these Congresses are environmental policy and advocacy champions in their region.

We also developed a number of advocacy resources for our Living Future Network volunteers. We developed the Collaborative Advocacy Guidance Document and the Water Policy Guide that both include tips and sample content to help volunteers to create policy changes in their region that allow for green infrastructure.

Living Community Challenge Resources


The Living Community Challenge Vision document is the summation of the work done in 2015 to create a vision of a Living Community for the First Hill and Central District neighborhoods.

Evolving Christopher Alexander’s seminal work A Pattern Language, the Institute has created an array of tools and strategies to help any project achieve the Petals and Imperatives of the LCC.